our services

We have dedicated partner support from first step to last. Your brand is our brand! Together we’ll grow and be stronger.


  1. Visuality is everything! The product image and the title are the most important and eye-catching objects to get attention of customers. We use high quality images and the most remarkable titles while listing out partners’ products.
  2. Content Management: We give every information and play on our customers’ affections to make them decide to buy. We use creative and attractive expressions while giving detailed information.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: We boost discoverability of our products by implementing optimal listing text and growing the number of product reviews.
  1. All services from first step to last!
  2. We prepare your products to make them ready to sale. We process them, we pack them and we ship them to Amazon’s warehouse.
  1. You can track your orders and inventory any time you want. Everything is transparent!
  2. Easy to manage and analyze your sales and inventory. Forecasting your revenue and growth is easier.
  1. We hear your customers’ voice. We track their reviews and feedbacks that enlighten you on your customers’ needs and expectations.
  2. We have supporting after sale services that have significant power on your customers’ satisfaction.
  1. No worries about payments. We have flexible options for your convenience.


  1. Your brand is our brand! We support our partners’ brands from first step to last to create high brand awareness and customer satisfaction.
  1. We have e-mail services for our partners that we can easily reach our customers or our potential customers by sending e-mails.
  2. We drive automated and specified e-mail campaigns to get attention and hear the voice of our customers.
  3. We also support our partners in website design issues to present them in the best way!
  1. We carry special promotion campaigns to reach more customer, increase sales volume and brand awareness.
  2. We manage different campaigns for each specified aim of our partners like getting the best placement on Amazon’s Marketplace or increasing product reviews.
  3. We apply discounts; send e-mails, postcards, gift certificates and product samples to satisfy our customers.
  1. We manage highly-engaged social media pages over thousands of followers across all channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.
  2. Our social media team shares original images and contents featuring our partners’ products on their brands’ accounts and on our own accounts.
  3. We also collaborate with many bloggers and influencers to reach wider audience.
  1. We have a dedicated creative team supports our partners to solve any marketing material design need like logos, flyers, social media images, postcards or packaging.
  2. Our designers try to their best to create the most efficient and catchy images and slogans.